Powder Coating



Repairs and refinishes scuffs and scratches on powder-coated paint surfaces

Gloss Finish

Satin Finish

Matt Finish

PreTreat Powder Coating Touch-Up Pens

Available in Gloss, Satin or Matt finish, our Touch-Up Pens provide a simple and easy repair solution that can be used for repairing any colour of Powder Coated Paint surface.

Simply follow our instructions to mix a small amount of the original powder coating paint to the pens’ transparent base compound to ensure a good quality finish and colour match.

After mixing you can then use the small brush integrated into the pens’ lid to repair & refinish any scuffs and scratches that have developed on your powder coat painted surface(s).

Why Touch-Up Pens?

Quick, Clean & Easy To Use

With its integrated brush, our Powder Coating Touch-Up Pens are quick, simple, clean and easy to use.

Fast Drying Time

Touch dry in around 20-30 mins and fully dry within 8-10 hours, our Touch-Up Pens are ideal for fast results!

Up To 1 Year Storage

Un-mixed our Touch-Up Pen solution can last for 12 months, so they’re ready to use when you need them!

Cost Effective

Simple spot repairs avoid the costs of complete re-sprays. Contact our sales dept. for quantity discounts.

Quantity Pricing Structure

1-9 £9.70 £15.00
10-49 £8.20 £22.50
50-99 £5.70 £22.50
100+ Call for Pricing Call for Pricing

Prices exclusive of VAT

Storage Stability & Packaging

Un-mixed (separately) 12 months. Store in dry frost proof conditions, in a cool place and away from foodstuff & incompatible materials.

1 pen = 12 Mls volume

Own Branding / White Label option available for bulk sales
– please contact us for more details